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Legal Research Tool For Non-Lawyers

What is the easiest way to research Louisiana law at no cost? The Louisiana Legislature has an excellent website that can keep you abreast of the law as it develops, as well as a good starting place for the current law. Simply plug in into your browser or click this link and you will be taken to the Louisiana Legislature’s website. Along the top tool bar, right next to the “Home” link is the “Laws” link. Click the “Laws” link or put into your browser and you will find yourself in the right place. Once there, you can search the Louisiana Constitution, Revised Statutes, Civil Code, Criminal Code, and Code of Evidence among other topics. It’s a great starting place, but if you are looking to answers to complicated legal questions, you should consult a lawyer.

Of course, the Louisiana Legislature site also allows you to research current and past bills.  Signing up for My Legis is a handy feature. “My Legis” is a feature which allows you to track up to 50 legislative instruments and to personalize your experience on the legislature’s site. With an account, you can identify and monitor the progress of legislation that interests you. You can only track legislation within the currently active legislative session. A few months prior to a Regular Session or a couple of weeks before an Extraordinary Session, staff will make that session “active”. Bills from prior sessions will no longer appear in your tracking lists.

The more you know, the better off you are.

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